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EastEnders Spoilers: Phil Mitchell confronts a RAGING Sharon!

Phil begs to speak to Sharon in EastEnders

Phil Mitchell has a violent confrontation with his ex, Dotty Cotton gets herself into trouble and Linda Carter makes a confession.

Phil Mitchell tries to talk to ex Sharon Mitchell in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Sharon Mitchell EastEnders

Sharon Mitchell attacks Phil Mitchell (Image credit: BBC/Nicky Johnston)

Phil Mitchell fends off a furious Sharon Mitchell who launches herself at him after he turns up at the wake. A horrified Kathy Beale and Ian Beale are forced to intervene.

Sharon has locked herself inside Ian’s house but Phil won’t be turned away and he kicks the door in to speak to her! As Sharon hurls insults at Phil, the police are called but by the time they arrive Phil has done a runner.

Back at the Mitchell house, alcoholic Phil nurses a drink. Jay Mitchell finds him with the booze and attempts to talk him out of drinking. When the police turn up at the house, Phil hides and later slips out to the Arches, where he is confronted by Sharon.

Later, Ian sees Phil in the Square and his is shocked when Phil has some big news for him. What is Phil planning to do?

Dotty steals a man's wallet in EastEnders

Peter Beale rescues Dotty Cotton from a tricky situation

Vinny Panesar and Dotty Cotton are getting on like a house on fire after sharing a few drinks together. They then decide to head out, but troublemaker Dotty is keen on getting up to mischief. Vinny’s had enough of Dotty’s antics and heads back home leaving Dotty on her own and Dotty ends up stealing a guy’s wallet!

After the man gives chase, Peter Beale helps her out. After Ian Beale hears the commotion he finds Dotty’s bag and rifles through it, finding the keys to The Arches. What is he up to?

Shirley catches Linda with the vodka in EastEnders

A furious Shirley Carter confronts Linda Carter when she finds her drinking

Shirley Carter is horrified when she catches Linda Carter with her hands on her vodka bottle. When Linda’s hubby Mick Carter turns up, Linda confesses that she took a drink. Linda opens up to Mick about her alcohol problems, giving him food for thought. As they read to their son Ollie Carter in bed, the couple come to a surprise decision…

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8 pm