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EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell threatens a TERRIFIED Kat!

EastEnders Phil Mitchell intimidates Kat

Kat Moon is scared of Phil Mitchell...

EastEnders' Phil Mitchell is due out of hospital after recovering from his head injuries. When he arrives back in the Square he’s less than impressed to find out his son Ben Mitchell has organised a surprise welcome home party. After getting everyone out of the house, Phil confronts Ben over the row he heard between Ben and his brother Jay Mitchell while he was still in hospital.

Concerned that Phil heard more than intended, Ben thinks Phil might know that he tried to finish him off. Phil, however, wants the story from Jay. Will Jay land Ben in it? Later, Phil has a visit from partner-in-crime Shirley Carter and he confesses that he’s remembered something about the attack. At the Slaters’, Kat Moon is alarmed when she finds a menacing Phil in the kitchen… Has he remembered that her cousin Stacey Slater was responsible?

Max Branning arranges a date with girlfriend Ruby Allen. After Ruby leaves the house, Max’s brother Jack Branning asks Max if Ruby realises that Max’s baby granddaughter Abi will be playing gooseberry. When Ruby turns up she’s not happy to see the baby, as she was hoping for some alone time with Max. Is Ruby and Max’s relationship on shaky ground?

EastEnders Stuart plans the stag do

Stuart plans Callum's stag do

Callum Highway talks wedding plans with bride-to-be Whitney Dean’s step auntie Sonia Fowler. When he fins out that his brother Stuart Highway is expecting to be named as best man, however, he panics. Callum confronts Stuart and tries to break the news that he’s chosen someone else to take care of the best man duties. But he feels awful when an excited Stuart starts talking about all his plans for the stag. Will he tell him the truth?

Also, Mel Owen learns that her imprisoned son Hunter Owen is being moved to another jail.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm