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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell and Keanu Taylor get a terrifying text!

EastEnders spoilers - Sharon Mitchell with Keanu Taylor
(Image credit: BBC)

Sharon and Keanu are left worried after a mystery text, Martin has news for Stacey about Ruby, and Mariam reassures a terrified Hayley about her baby.

Sharon is impressed when Keanu shows her his new minicab business cards - but not as impressed as when he starts to kiss her! They have to cut short their sneaky snog when they’re nearly caught out. Later, Sharon is horrified when she gets a text from an unknown number as it’s clear that someone knows her naughty secret. Worried, she shows Keanu the text, but he tries to reassure her. There’s no escaping things, however… Sharon gets another mystery text with some damning evidence of her affair.

Stacey shows Martin the online comments

Stacey Fowler shows Martin Fowler that Ruby Allen's being harassed.

Stacey is outraged when Ruby turns up and reveals she’s had nasty comments posted about her online. Sure that Martin’s mates are behind the trolling, Stacey angrily confronts Martin. Stacey encourages Ruby to go to the police and she takes her to the police station. Meanwhile, Martin gets some new information about the night the rape happened. He encourages Stacey to make sure that Ruby is absolutely clear about the events of that night.

Hayley and Mariam in the Square.

Mariam Ahmed tries to soothe Hayley Slater's fears.

Hayley is on edge as the birth approaches, struggling with hiding who her baby’s dad is. Jean provides Hayley with a list of things she needs to get for the birth but it overwhelms her. Luckily, Mariam comes to the rescue to reassure Hayley with a few kind words.

Also, Dot’s back from Ireland but she confides in Sonia that she’s been having some funny turns. Is Dot okay?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday.