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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell's marriage is going into meltdown!

Phil and Sharon argue
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Sharon and Phil Mitchell's marriage takes another knock, Jean hits the Slaters with a major revelation, and Honey has a decision to make about Adam.

Sharon thinks she’s made some progress repairing things between her and Phil. When she spots a booking confirmation for Spain on Phil’s laptop she’s happy, thinking he’s taking her on holiday. Meanwhile, Karen finds Keanu talking to Mick about getting some work.

She’s horrified to find out Keanu has lost his job at the Arches. Sharon is getting excited at the prospect of a holiday and cooks a Spanish-themed meal for dinner. But she’s soon left flustered when Keanu turns up to talk to her, making Phil annoyed. Sending Keanu on his way, Sharon sits the family down to dinner and brings up the holiday to Spain. But will she be left disappointed?

Jean announces Hayley’s pregnancy

Jean finds out that a panicked Hayley is planning to leave the Square and she’s seriously worried. Desperate to make sure that Hayley stays safe – and with her family – Jean makes a big decision on Hayley’s behalf. She announces that Hayley is pregnant! Has she done the right thing?

Adam checks Janet's teeth

Honey and the kids bump into Adam in the Square and end up back at the Ahmeds’ where Adam takes a look at Janet's teeth. Meanwhile, Billy feels bad about his petty revenge the day before and wants to make things up to Honey. But when he finds out that the kids have met Adam he’s really put out! Not wanting to stir things with Honey, Billy hides his hurt and tells her he just wants her to be happy. Honey has a dinner invitation from Adam to think about. Will she go for it?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday