EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany takes desperate measures to save Evie

EastEnders Tiffany Butcher and Sonia Fowler
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Tiffany turns to stealing to help out Evie, Kathy has concerns about Phil, and Kim and Denise are left in the lurch when Chantelle sides with her dad.

Tiffany has stayed the night in the Square but now she wants her money. Although Sonia has promised to give her the cash, she hasn’t got it. Desperate, Sonia asks Jack for the money, making out it’s for a friend. But will he help her?

Later, Sonia and Whitney asks Bernie to help them talk sense into Tiff. But things get even worse when Sonia catches Tiffany stealing Dot’s jewellery. It’s the last straw and the pair come to blows, with Tiff lashing out at Sonia. At her wits’ end, Sonia locks Tiff in a room and turns to Jack for help. When they get back to the house, however, Tiff has escaped. Bernadette suspects Tiff could be in Ted’s flat and they hurry over there to find. But they are horrified by what they find…

EastEndres Kathy Beale and Phil Mitchell

Kathy demands answers from Phil

Sharon’s in a miserable mood when her card is declined at the Minute Mart and then she finds out Keanu is trying to charm Louise back into seeing him. Not realising that Keanu is only doing a ‘job’ for Phil by being Louise’s best protection, she tells Keanu to back off. Kathy, meanwhile, is suspicious about Phil’s dealings with Midge and she checks in on him. When she later sees him talking to Danny she suspects he’s in some kind of trouble. She confronts him at the Arches and is stunned by what she finds…

EastEnders Chantelle Atkins and Karen Taylor

Karen is on Chantelle's side in the competition.

Mitch squares up to Kim and Denise in their salon wars at the old Blade’s salon. Patrick watches their progress with interest. When Karen plots up to help Mitch, she’s delighted to see Chantelle, encouraging Chantelle to promptly switch teams! A glum Denise and Kim struggle to drum up any business. Mitch, however, has a steady trade. What is his secret weapon?

Also, Habiba and Adam get into a food fight at Walford East when he helps her out with her prep.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at 8.00pm

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