EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean kisses Kush Kazemi!

Whitney and Kush spend Valentine's together in EastEnders
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Whitney Dean and Kush Kazemi get romantic on Valentine’s Day, Sharon Mitchell faces eviction and Max Branning fears he’s losing little Abi...

Whitney Dean and Kush Kazemi get up close and personal in a double episode of EastEnders on Friday  (8.10 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Whitney Dean is enjoying spending time with new housemate Kush Kazemi as they’re getting on well. With both of them dateless for Valentine’s Day, Kush suggests they have a housemates movie night. 

The pair head to the Minute Mart to get some snacks for the evening and Bernie Taylor notices that they’re getting a bit flirty. Back at the house, they sit down for pizza and a movie and realise they’ve accidentally ended up with a heart-shaped pizza!

Just as the evening gets going, there’s a power cut, so Whitney heads off to find some candles.

With the unexpectedly romantic mood lighting it’s not long before the couple get closer and end up in a clinch! Is this the start of a new romance?

Sharon finds removal men in the Vic in EastEnders

Sharon is Mitchell gets a surprise visit!

Sharon Mitchell is fuming when she wakes up to discover that Kathy Beale has sent the removal men round to her flat! She furiously confronts Kathy, who is more interested in finding out what Sharon knows about her son Ian Beale’s whereabouts.

Claiming she’s just as worried about  a missing Ian as Kathy is, Sharon tries to put Kathy off the scent and avoid her working out that she was the one who drove him away.

Later, after a run in with Linda Carter, Sharon confides in Phil Mitchell, who is left angry with Linda.

Rainie confronts Max in EastEnders

Rainie Highway confronts Max Branning about his mental health

Jack Branning reveals to Rainie Highway that her ex Max Branning has not been in great shape recently. Concerned that he’s not up to looking after his granddaughter Abi, Rainie insists on keeping Abi for another night. 

With things conspiring to make him feel even more down than he is already, Max finds comfort in a bottle of whisky. When Jack finds him stumbling around the Square drunk, he brings his brother in for a heart-to-heart.

Keegan asks for a job in EastEnders

Keegan is on the hunt for a new job, but will he find a role at Ruby's?

Keegan Butcher-Baker is determined to make a fuss of wife Tiffany Butcher-Baker on Valentine’s Day and heads out to buy her a new bag. When Rainie Highway points out that it’s not the posh bag she wanted, Tiffany tries to cover.

Poor Keegan feels humiliated that he could only afford a second rate bag for his beloved. Determined to get back on track financially he asks Dotty Cotton for a job at the club.

Mick goes to the police station in EastEnders

Mick Carter pays the police station a visit

Meanwhile, Mick Carter heads to the police station to go over his statement about his abuse at the hands of Katy Lewis. Will he finally be able to put the past behind him?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday 8.05 pm.

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