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EastEnders spoilers: Will Sharon Mitchell say a final farewell to her baby?

Sharon Mitchell and Callum Highway in EastEnders
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Sharon Mitchell faces up to losing her son, Keegan Butcher Baker makes a shock decision and Max Branning tries to prove himself to Ruby Allen

Sharon Mitchell has a tough decision to face in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders (opens in new tab) (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide (opens in new tab) for full listings).

Billy Mitchell and Karen Taylor in EastEnders

Karen Taylor is keen to give Sharon Mitchell a last chance with her son (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Sharon Mitchell is doing her best to push aside her motherly feelings for baby Kayden as the day arrives when he’s due to leave her life forever.

Sharon is rattled, however, when Kayden’s grandma Karen Taylor tells her she won’t be leaving with the baby until later in the day. Realising this gives her a chance to say goodbye to her son, Sharon is conflicted.

As Sharon prepares to start again with hubby Phil Mitchell, Callum Highway tries to talk to her about the family's dodgy dealings but she tells him to turn a blind eye. Later, Sharon tells a concerned Billy Mitchell and Lola Pearce that Billy’s son Will Mitchell can have all of her late son Dennis Rickman’s belongings.

Billy realises that Sharon isn’t facing up to losing Dennis and now Kayden and he gives her a reality check. As Sharon goes to say goodbye to her baby, can she really let him go?

Keegan Butcher Baker and Tiffany Butcher Baker in EastEnders

Tiffany Butcher Baker pleads with Keegan Butcher Baker not to give up on their marriage (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Keegan Butcher Baker is feeling troubled as his mum Karen packs to leave the Square with baby Kayden. Unable to open up to his wife Tiffany Butcher Baker about his state of mind, he makes a snap decision and tells Karen he wants to leave with her.

Meanwhile, Tiffany is having a heart-to-heart with her uncle Jack Branning’s girlfriend Denise Fox. She tells her all about her recent marriage problems and Denise gives her a reason to hope she can get things back on track.

Tiffany tells Keegan that she loves him and she wants to be there for him. Will Keegan listen to what Tiff has to say?

Max Branning in EastEnders

Max Branning is insecure about girlfriend Ruby Allen (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Max Branning is feeling downbeat about his precarious relationship with the much younger Ruby Allen now that she’s moving into No. 43. Max’s brother Jack Branning tries to give him some relationship advice but it falls flat.

Things do not improve when Max sees Ruby and her new club doorman Martin Fowler flirting. Trying to be the man, Max pulls Vinny Panesar up for dealing laughing gas at the club. Will it backfire?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8 pm

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