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EastEnders spoilers: Zack Hudson breaks into Sharon’s flat!

Zack rifles through Sharon's drawers in EastEnders

Zack Hudson wants something that Sharon has, Kat Slater plays hard to get with Phil Mitchell and Kush Kazemi has a run in with Ruby Fowler.

Zak Hudson is up to something in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders (7.35 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Sharon Beale doesn’t know how to feel about a visit from her new brother Zack Hudson. They didn’t exactly hit it off the first time they met at their dad Gavin Sullivan’s memorial service!

After first insisting that Zak leaves Albert Square, Sharon finds herself relenting when Zack buys her breakfast. 

Kheerat Panesar turns up and is not happy with Sharon for standing him up at the pub. Trying to apologise to Kheerat, Sharon is distracted and doesn’t notice Zack swiping the keys to her flat. 

When Sharon gets home, she is furious to find Zack rifling through items in her bedroom. He explains that Gavin left them both something in his will and he wants to find out what she has…

After he explains, Sharon agrees to give Zack a chance. She swaps a few stories with her brother and they slowly start to bond. 

Sharon suggests that Zack stick around after all and she’s left upset when he heads off. Will it be the last she sees of her brother?

Kat wants her affair with Phil kept secret in EastEnders

Kat Slater makes it clear she's in control!

Kat Slater is keen to keep her hook ups with Phil Mitchell a secret. She teases him about defining their relationship and leaves him troubled. Later, Kat overhears Phil booking a romantic holiday and is secretly delighted. Phil asks Kat on a date tomorrow evening but she plays hard to get.

Kush visits Ruby about Arthur in EastEnders

Kush Kazemi wants to talk to Ruby Fowler (Image credit: BBC)

Kush Kazemi pays Ruby Fowler a visit wanting to talk about her looking after his son Arthur Fowler. Showing her disdain, Ruby claims Kush is only round her house because she’s on her own and he’s scared to talk to her hubby Martin Fowler.

Wound up by Ruby’s jibes, Kush threatens to tell Martin all her nasty little secrets. But she’s no fool and she calls his bluff, prompting a beaten Kush to leave. 

When Martin later confronts Kush about Arthur, Kush is quick to back down. Girlfriend Whitney Dean is frustrated that Kush has been such a pushover. She’s really feeling the unfairness of Kush facing jail.

Bailey Baker has an honest chat with dad Mitch Baker about the science prize she won and he vows that they’ll find the money for her to go to the camp. When Bailey spots a flyer for a missing dog she is stunned to realise that it’s the ‘stray’ they took in, Banjo. 

Ever honest, Bailey tells Bernie that they need to give the dog back to his owner. Bernie agrees to accompany Bailey to return ‘Banjo’ to his owner Molly. She tells Bailey that they can claim the reward money so Bailey can use it for the camp. Will her plan work out?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday 8.05 pm.