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Steph McGovern and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Easy Ways to Live Well
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Steph McGovern and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall debunk lifestyle myths to achieve happier and healthier living in BBC1’s new series Easy Ways to Live Well

There are lots of ‘new year, new you’ shows, but BBC1’s Easy Ways to Live Well is worth your time because as well as offering advice about changes to diet or lifestyle, it makes you think about other changes to improve wellbeing.

Steph McGovern and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (pictured top) help staff at a doctors’ surgery cut down on snacks and bravely agree to tackle their own problem areas… 

Here, Steph, 37, tells us how this three-parter could change our lives…

What makes Easy Ways to Live Well different from other health programmes?

We all have health concerns, from stress and mindless eating to looking at our screens too much.

Most people would like to be healthier, but we’re bombarded with confusing information.

In this series, we try different approaches with different people, workplaces and families.

We’re not saying there’s only one answer.

But we try them out, and you find what works best for you, and what we can do to make life a bit nicer and healthier.

Staff at Llandaff surgery Easy Ways to Live Well

The staff at this GPs’ surgery learn how to stop snacking in Easy Ways to Live Well on BBC1

Who do you meet on the show?

We have lots of different characters so viewers are able to relate to a mix of people.

In this opening episode, we film in a busy doctors’ surgery in Cardiff.

The people running it remind me of my Mam, as she works for the NHS.

They are working flat out and, because they are so lovely, they get chocolates and homemade cakes from patients!

We look at ways to help them have treats without mindlessly snacking.

And you look at your own health, too?


I’m not particularly great on the health front, but would love to be.

I focus on my gut health because I get bloated, and it can be uncomfortable and painful at times.

Our experts try different things with me.

Some of them are obvious and some of them are really wacky.

I’ve been eating fermented food.

It’s been quite an experience!

Do you also debunk health myths?

Yes, we’re not only looking for successes.

We try out new things, and I think some of them are pretty unusual, but they’re things Hugh’s been doing for years!

Our experts look at the science behind them.

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TV Times rating: ****