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Emma and Ayesha take a trip to the casino

Emma Reid In Doctors
(Image credit: BBC)

Ayesha isn't convinced when Emma Reid suggests a big night out - and they end up at the casino!

Emma Reid and Ayesha plan a night out and Sid wants to come with them, but his continual sneezing puts it in doubt. He makes a final effort to get off the sofa, but fails, leaving a dressed up and glam Emma and Ayesha to go out without him. At the casino, Emma manages to sneak their way into a VIP area but, as the cocktails flow, things take a surprising turn…

When Shak and Alia meet their Uncle Zaroon, Shak asks if he knows why Ruhma and his father split up. He talks about their parents arguing, but he doesn’t know any details, except Ruhma just disappeared with them. Shak defends his mother, and raises the possibility that their father had been cruel to Ruhma, but Zaroon dismisses it before dropping a bombshell…