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Emma meets Amelia

Emma turns up at Amelia's, wanting to talk about Howard. Whatever Emma says, Amelia knocks it back; as far as she's concerned Howard was never interested in her and when Emma says Howard admitted he made a mistake, Amelia blows up. She doesn't want the money that Howard left her and she tells Emma to leave - she never wants to hear Howard's name again!

Heston and Ruhma arrive at the theatre and, during the second interval, they discuss the benefits of being single. At the end, they bicker good naturedly as Ruhma plays with Heston before getting a cab, leaving Heston looking wistfully after her.

Sid's intrigued when his patient Laura is convinced she's seeing her former stalker again. He does an eye examination and suspects she's suffering from Charles Bonnet Syndrome, which can cause people to hallucinate seeing other people.

Also, Jimmi tells Al he is going on a photography course.