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Emmerdale spoilers: Matty BLANKS Victoria in favour of his dodgy new lad mates

Matty crosses paths with Victoria in Emmerdale

Victoria wants to make up with Matty but he makes it clear he's not interested

In Emmerdale, Matty (Ash Palmisciano) is fuming with his best-mate Victoria (Isabel Hodgins).

She may be pregnant but he's got no time for her since finding out she's high tailing it out of Emmerdale and moving to Cornwall, and hadn't thought to tell him.

Feeling dreadful about hurting her mate, Vic's keen to make up with Matty but when she bumps into him in the village, he totally blanks her and makes out his new friends Ste and Jono are way more interesting. Will Matty's harsh attitude affect Victoria's plans?

Meanwhile, Billy (Jay Kontzle) and Ellis (Asan N'Jie) are concerned for Matty having heard Ste and Jono badmouthing Matty behind his back.

When they pull Matty for a chat, he's hurt by what the brothers tell him about his new mates but instead of turning his back on the idiot lads, he's now desperate for their approval. How far will Matty go to 'fit in'?