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Emmerdale spoilers! Aaron Dingle terrorises Wendy Posner to push her out of Emmerdale

Wendy is rattled when Aaron Dingle turns up at the surgery in Emmerdale

Aaron Dingle is raging about Wendy Posner – who's moved to the village – and wants the mother of Victoria's dead rapist, Lee, out of his sight

Emmerdale's Aaron Dingle menaces Wendy Posner in Tuesday's episode (7pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Absolutely raging that Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) has moved into the village, Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) just isn't going to let it lie. Not wanting to see the mother of Vic's dead rapist Lee walking around Emmerdale, reminding Aaron that his husband Robert (Ryan Hawley) has been banged up for life for killing him, he's doing something about it.

As Aaron rolls out his campaign of terror, nurse Wendy's thrown when she finds him at her work in the doctor's surgery pretending he's got an appointment. Is Aaron going to cause a scene?

With Aaron lurking around, putting spooking Wendy at every opportunity, she's grateful when Bob (Tony Audenshaw) shows signs of being a good neighbour and potential friend.

Elsewhere, prep for the panto begins. But with the adults' backs turned, Arthur Thomas has a golden opportunity to menace Archie Sharma. The bully is backed up by Angelica King but when Archie fights back, Jimmy King (Nick Miles) clocks him and yanks the little boy away from his daughter. When Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) spots Jimmy manhandling his son he warns him their feud is far from over.

Jimmy King [NICK MILES] yanks Archie away, an angry Jai Sharma [CHRIS BISSON] tells Jimmy it’s nowhere near over between them in Emmerdale

Jai fumes when he finds Jimmy manhandling his son Arthur

Later, Arthur tells terrified Archie everyone would be better off if he wasn't around.

Arthur and Angelica make fun of Archie in Emmerdale

Archie is bullied by Arthur Thomas who insists everyone would be happier if he wasn't around

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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