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Emmerdale spoilers: Can Aaron talk his way out of trouble with the police?

Aaron is reluctant to help Mack in Emmerdale

Emmerdale's Aaron needs to think fast as the police question his actions...

Aaron Dingle has got some serious explaining to do in Thursday's episode of Emmerdale on ITV from 6.45pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Aaron's attempts to find Connor for Liv took an unexpected turn yesterday when Mack offered his help finding Paul's nemesis.

Aaron is reluctant to help Mack

Aaron isn't happy about being dragged into another of Mack's dodgy deals (Picture: ITV)

As always Mack's offer of assistance wasn't entirely selfless, and Aaron soon found himself caught up in another of Mack's dodgy business deals.

The pair 'borrowed' a van from Jimmy's haulage company and before Aaron knew what was happening he was loading TVs into the back of the van.

Aaron is reluctant to help Mack in Emmerdale

Mack and Aaron panic when the police turn up while they're shifting dodgy TVs (Picture: ITV)

But tonight's Emmerdale will see Mack scarper when the police arrive while they're up to no good, leaving Aaron to face the music.

As the police get out of the car and corner Aaron, will he be able to explain away what he is up to?

Or has Mack just landed him in some seriously hot water?

Aaron is reluctant to help Mack in Emmerdale

While Aaron is getting his story straight Mack makes a run for it, leaving Aaron to face the music alone (Picture: ITV)

Elsewhere, Andrea makes it clear that she wants Dale View in her divorce settlement from Jamie.

But will Jamie and Kim agree to give Andrea the security she craves for her and Millie?

As the drama kicks off between Jamie and Andrea, Dawn is left nursing a broken heart.

Faith is playing the domestic goddess in Emmerdale

Faith keeps herself busy by cooking and cleaning for Tracy (Picture: ITV)

Also, Faith is desperate to make herself indispensable and transforms herself into a domestic goddess for Tracy.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.