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Emmerdale spoilers: Dan Spencer doesn't want Amelia to return to school

Emmerdale Daz, Dan Spencer and Amelia Spencer

Protective dad Dan wants to keep Amelia home from school after her kidnap ordeal at the hands of Beth, who has a grudge against Amelia's dad Daz.

The Spencer family couldn't be happier to have Amelia home again, after she was kidnapped by grieving Beth, who had a grudge against Amelia's biological dad Daz, blaming him for the death of her dad in the army. However, now Dan Spencer doesn't want to let the teenager out of his sight, having raised Amelia since she was a child. But how will the stroppy teenager react when Dan tells her he doesn't want her to go back to school? And is Amelia really over the ordeal, after she begun to form a bond with Beth. Does Amelia still blame Daz for the death of Beth's dad too?

Elsewhere, now Matty has decided to stick around in the village he begins to think about finding work. In his old life as Hannah, he would have helped out on the farm. But has Matty got other ideas?

Double-bill (Episode 2 of 2)

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