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Emmerdale spoilers: Debbie Dingle BLAMES her mum Charity!

Emmerdale, Charity Dingle, Debbie Dingle, Cain Dingle
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Emmerdale spoilers - Debbie is back in the village again. And she is furious at her mum Charity after discovering daughter Sarah has runaway...

Tensions are running high on Emmerdale (ITV, 7:00pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) after Sarah Sugden's (played by Katie Hill) disappearance from the village.

The teenager has done a runner with Danny Harrington (Louis Healy), and appears to have fallen under the spell of the drug dealer who was recently released from prison.

While Sarah hides out in a barn and takes more drugs with Danny, the lovestruck girl is tempted to get intimate with the bad lad...

Emmerdale, Sarah Sugden, Danny Harrington

Sarah has reunited and run off with drug dealer, Danny on Emmerdale...

Meanwhile, the Dingle family is frantic over Sarah's disappearing act.

Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb), who made a surprise return to the village at Christmas, angrily blames her mum, Charity (Emma Atkins) for not keeping a closer eye on her daughter, Sarah, while she was away working in Scotland.

Can the pair put their squabbles aside to join forces and find runaway Sarah before Danny gets her into any more trouble?

Emmerdale, Charles

Emmerdale, Debbie Dingle

Charles crosses paths with stroppy Debbie on Emmerdale!

Meanwhile, village vicar Charles (Kevin Mathurin) reels from the news that his son, Ethan (Emile John) has been suspended from the law firm where he is an up-and-coming legal eagle because of his recent arrest for possession of drugs.

Afraid of how this will affect Ethan's future career and reputation, a frustrated Charles confronts Debbie over Sarah, who secretly planted the drugs on Ethan in The Woolpack to save herself when the police arrived at the pub to search the premises for drugs.

However, Charles quickly discovers you don't mess with Debbie Dingle when the stroppy mum warns him to BACK OFF!

Emmerdale continues weeknights from 7:00pm on ITV