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Emmerdale spoilers: Graham tells the police Joe Tate is ALIVE!

Graham Foster
Graham Foster

Graham Foster tells the police Joe Tate is alive when Kim pushes him too far

At Home Farm, as the power struggle continues, Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) snaps. Furious with Kim Tate (Claire King), he heads to the police station and informs the detectives there has been a sighting of Joe Tate! With that move, Kim's going to find it a lot harder to get rid of her stepson - and Joe's accused 'murderer' Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) will soon be off the hook…

Meanwhile, unaware of Graham's stellar move, Cain turns down Kim's indecent proposal despite his wife Moira encouraging him to go through with it for the sake of the farm.

In the Woolie, an awkward situation brews up when Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton), who has had one too many, starts flirting with a friend of Liam's. As jealous Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) loses it, Kerry sinks into an unhappy drunk slump and lets down Amy, having promised her daughter she'd be there when she told little Kyle she's his real mum.