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Emmerdale spoilers: WHO is Jimmy King's SURPRISE visitor?

Emmerdale, Jimmy King, Juliette Holliday
(Image credit: ITV)

There's a blast-from-the-past for Jimmy when Carl's biological mum, Juliette returns to the village on Emmerdale. What brings her back?

There's a BIG surprise in store for Jimmy King (played by Nick Miles) on tonight's episode of Emmerdale (7:00pm on ITV, see our TV Guide for full listings)...

He gets an unexpected visit from Juliette Holliday (Amelia Curtis), the birth mum of Jimmy's son, Carl!

Emmerdale, Juliette Holliday

WHY has Juliette returned to visit Jimmy on Emmerdale?

Jimmy and his wife, Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) haven't seen Juliette since she let the couple become the legal guardians of Carl.

However, could it be that Juliette has now had a change of heart?

After all, remember how she once wanted Jimmy to sign away all rights to their son after she got pregnant by him in a fertility clinic mix-up?

How complicated!

WHAT brings Juliette back to the village?

And what does her return mean for Jimmy and Nicola's happy family?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV