Emmerdale spoilers! Laurel battles her demons for Gabby's sake

Laurel is determined in Emmerdale

Stepmum Laurel rises above her own turmoil to help Gabby who's fallen pregnant...

Emmerdale's Laurel steps up in Friday's episode on ITV from 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Laurel's been in a very dark place since she and Jai decided to terminate an unplanned pregnancy.

When they considered all the factors in their blended family, the couple made the very difficult choice not to keep the baby, who had Down's syndrome.

But since then Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) has agonised over her decision and pulled herself over hot coals, hating herself for having had an abortion.

She's had to battle with her conscience - and her desire to fall back on her old 'friend' alcohol and start boozing to blot out her pain and guilt.

Emmerdale spoilers, Gabby Thomas

Gabby was horrified to learn her one-night stand with Jamie has resulted in pregnancy (Image credit: ITV)

Her stepdaughter Gabby (Rosie Bentham) recently discovered she's accidentally fallen pregnant but was loath to tell Laurel, knowing the hell she'd been through with her own unplanned pregnancy.

But Laurel is determined to rise above any pain she's feeling about her situation so she can be there for Gabby whose mum Bernice (Sam Giles) lives in Australia.

Laurel is determined to help Gabby with her pregnancy predicament despite having recently had a termination herself

Laurel is determined to help Gabby with her pregnancy predicament despite having recently had a termination herself (Image credit: ITV)

Will Laurel remain the balanced voice of reason when she finds out Jamie Tate (Alex Lincoln) is the father?

What are Gabby, Kim and Jamie up to in Emmerdale

Kim Tate has decided impressionable pregnant Gabby – who has a huge crush on her uninterested son Jamie Tate – is just the person she needs to be her left-hand woman

Would she be happy to see Gabby getting close to Jamie's ruthless mum Kim Tate (Claire King)?

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