Emmerdale spoilers! Mandy Dingle FEARS for her LIFE when thug Terry pounces

Terry turns up at the Dingles in Emmerdale

Mandy Dingle's past crimes catch up with her when casino thug Terry arrives at Wishing Well wanting his money!

Emmerdale's Mandy Dingle is scared witless when thug Terry catches her and demands she pay back the money she stole from the casinos in Wednesday's episode at 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) has lived in fear of this moment. The moment when her card-counting casino scam caught up with her. And here it is. Will Mandy live to tell the tale?

With thug Terry (Rene Zagger) having been lurking in the shadows following Mandy and her partner in crime Vinny (Bradley Johnson) who stole pots of cash from his businesses, he's chosen the time to strike…

Terry wants his money of course, but does Mandy have it? And if she doesn't, what will Terry do?

Aaron rebukes Mandy Dingle in Emmerdale

Mandy Dingle's past efforts to get her hands on cash have gone horribly wrong, like when Aaron pulled a fast one on her...

Elsewhere, Kim Tate (Claire King) has got a right cob on about her on-off lover and right-hand man Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) who's started seeing someone.

But her daughter-in-law Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) is secretly thrilled about the development, hoping that Graham - who recently asked her whether daughter Millie is a product of their one-night stand - might soon be out of her hair.

Kim admits to Jamie she jealous over Graham and his mystery woman in Emmerdale

In the Woolpack, Kim Tate admits to her son Jamie that she's jealous that Graham Foster has started dating someone

In the Woolie a rare display of vulnerability sees Kim confide in her son Jamie, admitting she's jealous that Graham is seeing someone.

When stunned Jamie later discovers village vet boss Rhona (Zoe Henry) is Graham's secret lover will he tell his mum?

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