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Emmerdale spoilers! Is Priya about to find out her fiance Al is a love cheat?

Who is Priya talking to in Emmerdale

Will an innocent phonecall lead to heartbreak for duped Priya?

Emmerdale's Priya Sharma gets on the phone to Al's lover in Tuesday's episode (see our TV Guide for full listings)!

On Christmas Day, engaged Priya (Fiona Wade) was in heaven. Her life seemed to have fallen into place at the most magical time of year.

And when fiance Al (Michael Wildman) gave her a beautiful necklace, she felt like the luckiest woman alive. But when Al announced he had to pop out, duped Priya had no idea he was sneaking off to see his other woman.

But is she about to find out her man's two-timing her?

Having asked Al's son Ellis (Aaron Anthony) to help her get the phone number of  Al's adoptive parents so she can invite them to their wedding, Priya gets on the case.

But unsuspecting Priya's not got the right number at all and without realising, she ends up on the phone to Al's secret lover!

Is cheating Al about to come unstuck?

Elsewhere, Kim Tate (Claire King) tells Mack (Lawrence Robb) she'll make it more than worth his while he if takes Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) down.

And Mack makes a proposition of his own, asking Aaron (Danny Miller) if he can shift some stolen motors through his scrapyard for a juicy backhander.

Elsewhere, Marlon (Mark Charnock) is feeling down in the dumps about being single and confides his woes in best friend Paddy (Dominic Brunt).