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Emmerdale spoilers: Find out what REALLY HAPPENED to Ellis in a FLASHBACK episode to the night out in Hotten

Billy recalls the night out in Emmerdale

Find out what happened to Ellis as time flashes back to the big night out in Hotten where he was stabbed

Out of the village, Billy (Jay Kontzle) is with Ellis (Asan N'Jie) and Aaron (Danny Miller). He wants to talk about the night out in Hotten when Ellis was stabbed. What does he want to get off his chest?

As he tells the tale, time then flashes back to the disastrous evening in Hotten where Billy rushed to the club after learning dodgy Max (Jordan Reece) was gunning for his brother Ellis. And all will become clear about what really happened…

Emmerdale night out in Hotten

Priya, Tracy, Leyla, Maya, Billy, Victoria and Ellis all have a story to tell about what happened during their night out in Hotten

Picking up the action from when the nightclub's fire alarm sounds and the revellers are turfed outside, Billy frantically looks for his brother Ellis among the crowd.

Watch to find out what really happened next…

This is the first of tonight's episodes on ITV.