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Emmerdale spoilers: Will Bob Hope end up homeless?

Bob buys the kids the wrong gifts

With B&B owners Eric and Diane putting pressure on cash-strapped Bob to pay his rent, is he about to end up homeless on the streets?

It's been a grim 'ol time for former village cafe owner Bob Hope.

At Christmas, jobless Bob couldn't afford to buy presents for his demanding twin children Cathy and Heath, and almost sunk to an all-time low when he considered stealing presents from the hospital's charity gifts to give to his teenagers.

But now Bob's under increasing pressure from village B&B owners Eric Pollard and Diane Sugden to settle his bill for bed and board, since he's been staying there since his break-up with both wife Brenda Hope and then lover Laurel Thomas, who dumped him after he refused to get his act together and find a full-time job.

Unfortunately, the money coming in from his odd jobs around the village just isn't enough to cover his debts. Even after pub landlady Chas Dingle offered all workers an extra cash bonus. And with nothing left of value to pawn (he pawned his new watch at Christmas so he could buy Cathy and Heath presents), Bob faces the grim reality of becoming homeless...

When Diane tells Bob it is time for him to move on from the B&B, he is still too proud to tell his friends and family about his cash crisis, and starts looking at an advert for a homeless hostel...

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV