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Evelyn reveals her 'Tank' tattoo

The gatecrashers ignore VJ and Oscar's orders to go outside, and when Oscar gets the phone to call the police, Tank grabs it off him and throws it away. Evelyn shows Maddy by showing her a freshly inked 'T' tattoo on her hip. Oscar sees it too, putting the pieces together, realising that Evelyn didn't break up with Tank.

Zac sees Azza throw a spray can towards a fire. James tries to intercept the can, but he doesn’t make it in time. It explodes, and James is blown back, badly injured. Hannah examines him, and when she doesn’t get a response, she calls an ambulance. Alf wonders if he was wrong about James. But when Roo arrives at the hospital, she finds a woman holding James hand – it's Megan, his wife.

Leah encourages Marilyn to put herself in John’s shoes – just when he's got his wife back, she wants to pack up and travel the globe. Marilyn apologises to John, and admits she’s going through an adjustment period but, as they hug, the look on Marilyn's face says it all.