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Expedition with Steve Backshall - Dave

In Expedition with Steve Backshall, the intrepid explorer is once again in the remotest, most unexplored reaches of planet Earth

"A lot of people wonder why we put ourselves through all of the heat and sweat and fear and danger and pain and it is for moments like this," says Steve in Expedition with Steve Backshall as he reaches the bottom of a huge unexplored canyon in Oman on the Arabian Peninsula.

"You know you are the first human eyes to ever look at it."

Steve in a cave in the Oman desert

Steve in a cave in the Oman desert

To take the first steps into this previously hidden world takes almost superhuman effort as Steve and his small team abseil off huge vertical cliffs and dry waterfalls in blistering heat, with the constant fear they will run out of water with no chance of a rescue.

Just watching makes your stomach churn, but my, what a view!

TV Times rating: ****