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The Extreme Diet Hotel – C4

The Extreme Diet Hotel Channel 4
(Image credit: Chalk Board TV)

The weird and wonderful world of Russian weight-loss guru and 'detox diva' Galia Grainger at her Georgian mansion in the Sussex countryside

Galia Grainger is a Russian weight-loss expert who runs a luxurious slimming hotel near Battle in Sussex.

Her super-strict regime may be tough but the results are dramatic.

The majority of her guests lose up to a stone in seven days.

The Extreme Diet Hotel Channel 4

Galia's strict regime is known for producing impressive results

This one-off film follows bride-to-be Kirsty who optimistically bought herself a wedding dress two sizes too small.

Now, it’s only six weeks till her big day.

She’s hoping a stay at Galia’s place will see her skipping down the aisle in the dress of her dreams.

Also hoping for a bit of a Russian revolution in his eating habits is taxi driver Tony, who wants to slim down to improve his love life.

TV Times rating: ***