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Faith takes Cain on a trip down memory lane to the 1980s

Cain Dingle, Faith Dingle

Flashback scenes roll back the years as Cain goes back to the 1980s when Faith drives him to his family home where his childhood is bought back to life

All this turmoil with Moira has got Faith thinking about her time as a mum, before she walked out on Shadrach and her kids Cain and Chas. But what's the real story behind the family breakdown which has left Cain and Chas so resentful of Faith?

Wanting to get back on track with her children, Faith decides it's time to take action. At the garage, she pulls up in her car and tells Cain he needs to get in and come up to Butler's to help Moira with the baby. Knowing his ex-wife is struggling, Cain obliges but soon realises his mum is driving in completely the wrong direction! But it ain't no mistake…

How will feisty Cain react when Faith draws up outside the house he grew up in? And what will flashback scenes – played out by younger versions of the characters – reveal about Cain's past? Does the memory match up to the reality?