Fredrik Johanssen leaves Holby as the future of hospital remains uncertain

Holby, Hanssen, Fredrik
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It seems hell hath no fury, like a young medic scorned…

As the future of Holby remains uncertain, Dr Fredrik Johanssen seems more concerned with his own prospects at the hospital this week. And when things don't turn out quite how he'd planned, Fredrik's dark side is revealed.

With his placement about to end, Fredrik (Billy Postlethwaite) is disappointed to learn that fellow medic Dominic Copeland has been awarded the junior doctor prize. He tries to be gracious in defeat but he’s visibly irritated as his father, Holby boss Henrik Hanssen, heaps praise on his rival.

Fredrik's reassured, though, when it seems he has an ally in medical director Nina Karnik, who recently confided in Fredrik that she was secretly pregnant with her ex, surgeon Matteo Rossini's child. The pair bonded as he promised not to say a word to Matteo.

As Nina continues to be impressed by the young medic's instinct and ambition, she urges Fredrik to apply for an upcoming registrar job. So he's furious when Hanssen then reveals that Holby’s on a recruitment freeze and there IS no job!

When he tells Nina this and she reassures him he would have been an asset to the hospital, he mistakes her kindness for something more… Now feeling rejected by both his father and Nina, Fredrik's on the warpath as he prepares to leave Holby. But what will be his parting shot?

Also, it's the day of Donna's interview for Ric's case. When Ric receives some shocking news, however, Donna is stunned by what unfolds.

And with offers from eager mentors Oliver and Roxanna, Damon finds himself spoiled for choice. But a call to his own doctor brings about an interesting turn of events…

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