All Gardens Great and Small

This new three-part series follows Miranda Hart’s mum Dee Hart Dyke the talented gardener
(Image credit: Dave King)

This new three-part series follows Miranda Hart's mum Dee Hart Dyke, the talented gardener

Mention Miranda Hart's mum and most people will think of Patricia Hodge, who played the comedian's mother in her hit eponymous sitcom, Miranda.

Miranda's real-life mum is actually the talented gardener Dee Hart Dyke.

This new three-part series follows Dee as she visits some beautiful gardens that will be opened to the public as part of the National Garden Scheme.

Dee's attempt to educate her daughter in horticulture at Miranda's London home results in much hilarity, and she is also shown round the garden of Julian Clary, who lives in the former home of playwright Noël Coward and has lovingly restored the garden.