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George returns – to blackmail Vaughan!

(Image credit: BBC/Shed Productions (WR) Ltd/Toby Merritt)


There are a few raised eyebrows at Waterloo Road this week when languages teacher George Windsor returns to visit his pal, English teacher Christine.

Christine’s delighted to see George but headmaster Vaughan’s less pleased! The pair parted on bad terms when George quit after an altercation with Vaughan’s son Justin!

George (Angus Deayton) tells Christine he’s back to sort out some business matters and has popped in to take her out for dinner, but he’s hiding something…

It turns out George is broke and wants his old job back! Knowing Vaughan won’t willingly reemploy him, George resorts to blackmail. They strike a deal and George reveals secret plans are being made to close down Waterloo Road and merge it with Havelock High!

Justin’s 18th birthday turns into a hellish experience when he viciously attacks art teacher Allie, who he blames for turning ex-girlfriend Tiffany against him. Determined to show loyalty to Allie, Justin’s dad Vaughan shops his son to the police!

Justin’s later released on bail and raises hell when he returns to the school – promoting Allie and Vaughan to break up.

Elsewhere, Sue and Hector face the scorn of their colleagues following the revelations about their affair. Sue comes to the conclusion she doesn’t want to be in a relationship and dumps Hector.