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Georgia's off - but will Kyle go with her?

When Georgia realises just how much effort Kyle has put into the Erinsborough Beautification Project, she convinces him to stay in Erinsborough to keep his ambitions alive. An impromptu farewell is organised for Georgia, but when it is revealed that Sheila's rant from The Waterhole has gone viral, Sheila faces the devastating repercussions.

With Michelle applying the pressure, Paige and Tyler are desperate to recover the missing $6,000. Despite Tyler's scepticism, Paige can't help fretting that someone has stolen the money. Climbing back down into the well, they find a clue that confirms Paige's theory is in fact correct – and hopefully they have found a clue they have found will lead them to the missing money.

The results of Amber's paternity test are due back today, and Daniel tentatively asks Imogen to support Amber. A cautious Imogen approaches Amber, and despite a frosty beginning, the girls quickly reconcile. Later, Daniel announces that no matter what the results are, he will support Amber. Finally, Amber, Daniel and Josh gather in Karl's office to receive the results of the paternity test. Josh is the daddy!