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Giddy Howard rubs off on Emma

Emma eventually melts when Howard wants to think of songs to play to the baby. But she draws the line when he starts singing to her bump!

When Liam makes his next appointment, Mrs Tembe assumes that he'd like to book in with Dr Clay, but Liam corrects her and admits that he'd like to change doctors. Jimmi takes the news professionally but, when Al invites him to join him for lunch, he makes an excuse when he knows Sid will be there.

Jimmi asks Karen how Sid is settling back in and Karen sings his praises. Realising that she has talked Sid up a bit too much, she tries to back track and compliment Jimmi on his 'experience' but it falls on deaf ears.

Flo is stressed trying to support Jordie, who had Motor Neurone Disease. Jordie attempts to get Flo to open up, but she's reluctant so he explains that he wants a divorce unless she is honest with him about how low she is. Flo finally shares her burden.