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Gold Rush

Gold Rush, Discovery Channel
(Image credit: Discovery Channel/Jason Elias)

Discovery's biggest show returns with fresh challenges, new locations and added drama as the crews fight to be the most successful gold miners in North America

The battle of the gold miners is back on Discovery!

It's season seven of the hit real-life gold rush series in which young, shaggy Richard Gere lookalike Parker Schnabel takes on all-comers to become the most successful gold miner in North America.

He's up against old foes Todd and Tony who use ever more technical means to get to the gold and are prepared to venture as far as they need to go to triumph. In fact, while Parker stays in the Yukon, Todd risks it all to return to his home town in Oregon. Will he live to regret his move?

There's an added dimension to Parker's challenge: he's mourning the loss of his mentor Grandpa John. Can he overcome his grief to stay focused on the prize – remaining the boy wonder of the gold mining industry?

Drama, ever growing ambitions, new claims and beautiful scenery, this series of Gold Rush promises to be the best yet.

Watch a recap of previous series of Gold Rush and a teaser for season seven: