Grammar Schools: Who Will Get In?

Grammar Schools: Who Will Get In?
(Image credit: Jude Edginton)

A look at the pros and cons of selective education as children prepare for the 11-plus

With the 11-plus exam and grammar schools back on the Government’s agenda, and selective education as competitive as ever, this three-part documentary takes a timely look at the arguments for and against them from all sides.

This first episode follows four children in their final year of primary school who are all taking the 11-plus.

For some that means a fortune spent on private tutors, hours and hours of study and a lot of pressure.

But how do the children feel who don’t get the right results to get into grammar school?

And if the selective schools are taking all the gifted children, what impact does that have on the other,  non-selective schools?

Please note, this programme will air in Scotland at 11.15pm.