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Grand Designs - C4

Grand Designs Kevin McCloud with Jaime and Mimi in the remodelled follly in Buckinghamshie
(Image credit: C4)

Grand Designs' Kevin McCloud meets Spanish architect Jaime and his wife Mimi as they embark on a mission to convert a Grade II listed folly into a family home

Presenter Kevin McCloud is feeling cynical as this latest series kicks off with an ambitious build in Buckinghamshire.

Young couple Jaime and Mimi spent £100,000 on a 250-year-old folly that used to house a gentleman’s fossil collection.

It’s a total ruin, tiny and has no planning permission and the couple have one young child and another on the way – so you can understand why Kevin is a little bit negative!

Inside Jaime and Mimi's remodelled folly in Buckinghamshire

Inside Jaime and Mimi's remodelled folly in Buckinghamshire

In some ways, he’s right – the build pushes the family almost to breaking point.

But Kevin also underestimates architect Jaime’s unfailing optimism and determination to be king of his very own mini-castle.

TV Times rating: ****