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Great British Car Journeys - C4

Peter and Christopher in front of an Austin 7

Great British Car Journeys sees Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison back on the road and back in Yorkshire, where they made All Creatures Great and Small

There's no two ways about it: the first series of Great British Car Journeys – former Dr Who Peter Davison and EastEnders actor Christopher Timothy’s banter-filled motoring travelogue – was a little gem.

Now, the second run kicks off (Saturday, 8pm, see our TV Guide for full details) with their most nostalgic trip to date as the actors clamber back into their Morgan 4/4 to travel from Scarborough to their old All Creatures Great and Small stomping ground in the Yorkshire Dales.

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As well as recreating the opening credits of All Creatures in an Austin 7, they roadtest other retro vehicles including a tractor and a steam car and meet the owners of some classic Yorkshire-made Jowett cars.

Peter and Chris in a steam car

Peter and Chris take a whirl in a steam car

Meanwhile singing a rousing chorus of Onward, Christian Soldiers gives the old pals an extra burst of energy as they drive to the top of the super-steep Rosedale Chimney!

It looks like they're having a lot of fun. Something that Christopher confirmed when TV Times caught up with him: "I just enjoy being with Peter, and going back to the Dales was joyous.

"It’s not my favourite place in the world because I’m too proud of being Welsh. But it comes a close second."

"I still feel like an honorary Yorkshireman," Peter chips in. "I remember filming All Creatures Great and Small when we used to turn off the A1 and find this fantastic countryside."

TV Times rating: ****