Guy Self relives his childhood trauma

John Michie plays Guy Self in Holby City
(Image credit: BBC)

When a familiar face turns up at Holby, painful memories come flooding back for Guy Self...

Guy Self is in high spirits as the launch of his autobiography coincides with a speech he’s giving to investors to try and raise money for Holby's Neuro Unit. But he's brought crashing down to earth when he realises the patient that daughter Zosia’s treating on Darwin is none other than his estranged mother, Valerie, and it’s clear there’s bad blood between them.

Zosia confronts Guy for telling her that her grandmother Valerie was dead – but he insists she doesn't need to know what Valerie did to him to make him feel this way. Valerie insists she did right by her son when his father died and credits her hard-line parenting for Guy's professional success.

When Zosia pleads with Guy to forgive and forget, he finally reveals all about his childhood and the full extent of Valerie’s cruelty. As he admits he goes to a support group for people who were abused as children, he breaks down.

Meanwhile, Raf's running out of patience over his living arrangements with Fletch and the kids. Fletch brushes it off at first, until his daughter Evie is brought onto AAU badly injured. When his young son Mikey then turns up as well, Fletch is forced to come to terms with his problematic behaviour and is worried about what taking his eye off the ball could mean for his family.

Also, Ric fancies his chances as he goes for the job of deputy CEO. But when he digs his heels in over an important piece of surgical kit that has broken down and which, for budgetary reasons, can’t be replaced, he ends up making an enemy of the person in charge of the purse-strings for the equipment… and the CEO job!

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