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Harriet proposes to Ashley!

Having decided her future lies with Ashley, Harriet has decided to propose and thinks the vicar’s carol service will be the ideal moment for her surprise! As the locals learn what she has in store, they flock to the church to witness the romantic moment. But there could be a problem as, unbeknown to Harriet, Ashley is planning to end their relationship as he’s worried about the effect his dementia will have on her!

As Harriet steps up to do a reading, she stuns Ashley by proposing instead… With everyone awaiting his answer, the vicar feels obliged accept. Later, as the drinks flow during a celebration of their engagement, Ashley takes Harriet to one side and claims he can’t marry her as he doesn’t love her!

In hospital, Diane annoys Doug when she tells him she wants to undergo her chemo alone. Before long Diane realises she knows one of the other patients – it’s Chas’s ex, Gordon!

At the factory, jolly Joanie livens up Lisa’s day.