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Harry's proposal ends in disaster!


Harry's proposal to Ste goes horribly wrong when young Leah gets involved...

Harry's gearing up to propose to Ste, but Ste’s forced to take a rain-check on their night out when Amy asks him to look after Leah and Lucas. Harry hides the ring in a muffin, but his proposal is ruined when Leah takes a bite of it first and coughs up the ring into her hand!

Meanwhile, after telling Lily he heard her calling him stupid, Prince asks for dad Shane's help with her. Later, Lily comes to apologise to Prince but, when he uses his dad's advice on her, she storms out.

Goldie is furious with her son for how he spoke to Lily, but gets a shock when Prince reveals he just copied how Shane treats her!

Also, Grace reveals she's in love with Esther.