Has Fletch and Clifford's enterprise led to tragedy?

Holby porter Clifford George was certain he and AAU ward manager Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher could earn some cash by taking part in the robbery of a pharmaceutical delivery van last week. Despite assurances from Clifford that it was a ‘victimless crime’, however, Fletch got cold feet and pulled out of the robbery at the eleventh hour. Clifford was relying on the cash from the robbery to pay off drug dealers he owes. And, this week, he knows that if the job fails to go ahead as planned, the criminals will turn violent. So when Clifford's unable to come up with the stolen drugs, and the gang makes threats towards his daughter, surgeon Mo Effanga, Clifford's nerves are left in tatters...

Meanwhile, it’s the day of Adele and Jesse’s engagement party, and Mo wants to throw her sister the bash of the century. Later, however, with the party in full swing, the happy occasion is marred when someone is found badly beaten outside the hospital, and is left fighting for life. A horrified Fletch is certain the incident is connected to the failed robbery and confronts Clifford. Who's been hurt? And will Fletch feel partly responsible for this tragic turn of events?

Meanwhile, Essie obviously has something on her mind and she's giving Sacha a really hard time. With poor Sacha left wondering what he’s supposed to have done wrong, Essie won't fess up but seems deeply affected by an encounter with terminal cancer patient, Ros, who’s preparing to leave three children motherless. Later, Sacha asks her to share whatever’s on her mind and that’s when Essie finally tells him the truth: she wants a baby! All Sacha has to do now is decide if he wants to be a father for a fourth time…

Also, on a busy AAU, Arthur's anxiety disorder takes hold and he finds himself unable to cope. It leaves him so desperate that he starts to self-medicate.

Victoria Wilson
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