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Has Ollie been permanently injured?

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

The Carters panic when they discover that Ollie isn't breathing and call an ambulance. Although Linda manages to revive him, Ollie has a seizure. After the paramedics rush Ollie to hospital, Linda and Mick are questioned about Ollie's recent history. Realising that Ollie's fall the other day may have something to do with it, Linda and Mick are left reeling to discover that Ollie has bleeding on the brain.

Mick is devastated, lashing out and blaming Nancy and Lee. Trying to calm her husband, Linda reminds him that she was the one who insisted Ollie didn't need to go to hospital. The family reassure a worried Nancy and Lee that they are not to blame. More bad news arrives as the doctor reveals that Ollie may have brain damage.

Ronnie is frustrated when it's clear that Phil is back to his old ways, denying telling Ronnie that he wants help. Trying to get through to Phil, Jack shares a few harsh words, reminding him he's Phil Mitchell. Jack sets off home to Paris, promising Ronnie he'll return as soon as he gets things sorted. Meanwhile, the creepy RIP Ronnie Mitchell wreath outside the house goes unnoticed...