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Has Valerie won the election?

(Image credit: BBC)

Mrs Tembe announces that Heston is way out in the lead in the exit polls for councillor. They all attend the final count while Jimmi and Karen listen to the results over the radio. Heston and Valerie are both still in the running until is revealed that although Valarie beats Heston buy one vote, they both ultimately lose.

When Faith overhears her foster parents, Steph and Paul, complaining that they'll have no space when the baby arrives, she assumes they are going to get rid of her and runs away. Paul arrives at The Mill and explains they were talking about space for his sick mother – not Faith!

Howard overhears a conversation between Franc and Gary Lucas. He trails Franc to the golf club and suddenly Daniel pull up, but Heston misses him placing an envelope of cash in Franc's pocket. Finally, he hears Gary asking Daniel to give his offer some real thought, to which Daniel replies he will do. Howard storms off furious.