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Heston finds himself stuck between warring friends

(Image credit: BBC)

When two neighbours start arguing, Heston's caught in the crossfire...

When two neighbours start arguing about their daughters both leading the other astray, the accusations start flying. One mum finds a bag containing blue pills in her daughter's bedroom and thinks she's been given drugs by her neighbour's daughter. As events escalate it's not clear where the drugs have come from but one thing is certain, the girls are in trouble.

When one of them later collapses in Heston's surgery, she needs urgent medical attention. Will the mums be able to put their differences aside and work together to discover just where the dangerous drugs have come from? And what will they do when they discover the source is close to home?

Elsewhere, Zara meets Reece's brother at the hospital, while Jimmi teases Al about doing a good deed.