Holby City spoilers: Brace yourselves... Guy Self is BACK!

Holby City John Michie as Guy Self
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John Michie returns to the wards as the confident neurosurgeon – but what are Guy Self's motives for being back at Holby?

There's a blast from the past this week as a familiar face returns to Holby… it's formidable neurosurgeon and one-time CEO Guy Self!

Guy left the hospital in 2017 after suffering a mental breakdown. Following an alcohol-fuelled outburst at daughter Zosia’s wedding, Guy then attempted to take his own life… twice!

He returned briefly the following year, performing emergency surgery to save Jac Naylor’s life, before leaving again to get help with his alcoholism.

Fast forward to now and acting CEO Max McGerry (Jo Martin) is having her own battles with the demon drink. After Max’s reunion with daughter Lily went horribly wrong, the recovering alcoholic is in great emotional turmoil and looks set to fall of the wagon as she sits with a drink in Albie’s bar. Luckily, a shock text from Ric causes Max to spill it all over herself!


With her personal life in turmoil, it really looks like Max (Jo Martin) might be tempted to fall off the wagon...

However, as Max is preparing for theatre, Ange can smell alcohol on her and, fearing she’s going to operate while intoxicated, calls Ric for back-up.

Later, Ric’s supportive when Max reveals she’s attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that evening. At AA, Max tells her story to the group and a familiar voice says, 'I'm proud of you'… it's Guy! In the coming weeks, Guy returns to the hospital – but is he a changed man?

Meanwhile, Essie di Lucca is still reeling from the news her cancer has returned and, although she's been confiding in best friend Dom about her diagnosis, she doesn’t want partner Sacha to know.

However, when Essie tells him they need to talk, Sacha fears she's dumping him – until he realises Essie's had bad news about her health and Dom’s reaction confirms it. To show his commitment to his loved one, Sacha later proposes! Will Essie say yes?

Holby City continues Tuesday at 8pm on BBC1.

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