Holby City spoilers: Chloe Godard at risk as evil Evan turns up?!

Chloe (Amy Lennox) and Evan (Jack Ryder) in Holby City
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Chloe Godard is thrilled about spending some time on her own at Cameron's family cottage. But it soon transpires she's not alone…

As she arrives at Cameron’s family cottage in the countryside, Chloe Godard (Amy Lennox) is thrilled that she's finally managed to escape her stalker husband and lets out a cry of relief in a nearby field.

Chloe is blissfully unaware, however, that he's been tracking her car, and she’s shocked to the core when evil Evan (Jack Ryder) suddenly turns up!

Chloe Evan cottage main

Chloe (Amy Lennox) is stunned when evil Evan (Jack Ryder) suddenly turns up unannounced...

At first, it seems he's come in peace, and suggests they enjoy a drink together but Evan’s sinister side soon emerges, particularly when he picks up a sharp knife to cut a lime. As they talk outside, Chloe grows more and more uncomfortable by his presence...

Holby Chloe Evan outside cottage

Chloe feels vulnerable as she and Evan talk outside the cottage...

Meanwhile, Evan's ex Sophie is admitted to the hospital, badly bruised and struggling to breathe. And it's not long before Nicky manages to get her to confess that it was Evan who beat her… and she fears he'll do the same to Chloe!

Holby Chloe Cottage main

Chloe knows she needs to get away from Evan... and fast. Can she make a break for it?

Back at the cottage, the mood is tense between Chloe and Evan, who turns nasty when he realises Chloe really doesn't want him there. Evan, however, makes it clear he's not letting Chloe go without a fight. As Chloe desperately tries to flee, a frantic battle ensues and someone gets seriously hurt. But is it Chloe – or Evan?

In other Holby news, Ric's a nervous wreck as granddaughter Darla undergoes emergency surgery having suffered serious complications after giving birth. Given his on-going health concerns, will this latest development tip him over the edge?

And Cameron gets some bad news.

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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