Holby City spoilers: Family ANGUISH for Sacha Levy!

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In a special episode to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, emotions run high for Sacha Levy as his great aunt is brought into Holby...

Sacha Levy (Bob Barrett) is thrilled in Holby City when his proposal for innovative surgery is given the green light – but his joy is short-lived when his beloved great aunt Maria is admitted to Holby.

It’s Holocaust Memorial Day, and Maria is a survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp, where over a million people lost their lives during World War Two.

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Sacha's aunt Maria survived World War Two

Maria has a diseased bowel and is too frail for surgery, and Sacha’s distraught there’s nothing he can do. Knowing she doesn’t have long to live, Maria urges Sacha to tell Essie he still loves her. Will Sacha grant Maria’s dying wish?

Elsewhere, it’s an eventful day for Cameron and Jason when they find themselves stuck in a lift with a boy who’s been stabbed. However, when he’s forced to perform an emergency tracheotomy to save him, Cameron freezes, so untrained Jason has to perform the life-saving procedure himself – armed with only a Swiss Army knife and a pen!

As Cameron is hailed the hero and laps up the praise, the medic manipulates Jason into staying quiet about his part in saving the boy’s life. Later, at home, Cameron and Chloe are getting closer and he clearly wants to take their relationship further. Chloe tells him she needs time…

Also, desperate to help her mum pay off her debts, Nicky takes paid sick pay from Holby so that she can spend the day working as a locum at St James’s hospital instead. Does she risk being found out?

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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