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Holby City spoilers: Guy Self and Mo Effanga are back to save Jac!

Chizzy Akudolu plays Mo Effanga in Holby City
(Image credit: BBC)

With Jac Naylor at death's door, popular heart surgeon Mo Effanga makes a welcome return to Holby City. But can she save Jac's life?

With Jac Naylor's life hanging in the balance, two very familiar faces turn up at Holby this week to try and save her. As Professor Gaskell's out of the picture, consultant Sacha Levy has to find an experienced neurosurgeon to operate on Jac. Seeing he has little option, Sacha calls on the one and only Guy Self (John Michie), who left Holby last year following a mental breakdown.

As Guy tries to remove Gaskell's dodgy implant from Jac’s spine, however, complications arise and there are genuine fears she could die. Jac's heart is failing and he urgently needs someone to assist him if she's to stand any chance of survival. That's when Holby favourite Mo Effanga suddenly shows up in theatre, determined to save her old friend and one-time mentor.

Guy and Mo battle to bring Jac back from the brink, and Mo's thrilled when Jac wakes. With Jac likely to be out of action for several weeks, later, Fletch asks Mo if she'll take charge of Darwin ward in her absence. Will Mo agree to stay on?

Elsewhere, Hanssen struggles to deal with his guilt following recent events. And Donna is driven to make sense of her relationship with Xavier.

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.