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Holby City spoilers: Guy's back in business!

Holby City John Michie as Guy Self
(Image credit: BBC)

When he helps save a patient, Holby City acting CEO Max McGerry offers Guy Self a permanent job at the hospital…

Before Holby took a break, viewers saw Guy Self at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with acting CEO Max McGerry. As the medical drama returns this week, neurosurgeon Guy surprises Max at the hospital when he arrives with a former patient.

Alan Locke (Fraser Ayres) was fitted with a deep brain stimulator implant several years ago to treat his OCD and is now experiencing hallucinations.

Ric Griffin has never been Guy’s biggest fan and privately suggests to Max (Jo Martin) that Alan’s currently condition could be Guy’s fault. Max defends Guy – but doesn’t want to let on to Ric they’re seeing each other.

Holby Max McGerry Jo Martin

Max McGerry (Jo Martin) likes having Guy around - but she's keen to keep their private life private!

Max soon learns Alan recently hit his head in a fall. Then, when Alan has a major outburst on the ward and it’s clear he needs urgent surgery, Max tells Ric that she and Guy will be operating…

Later, Max offers Guy a job as neurosurgeon on AAU and he readily accepts. But when Ric finds out Guy’s back on board, he’s not amused. Will these two ever get along?

Holby City returns on Tuesday June 2 at 8pm on BBC1.