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Holby City spoilers: I love you, Kian!

Holby City Jac Naylor Kian Madani
(Image credit: BBC)

As Kian decides to own up to lover Jac that he’s still taking drugs, she drops a bombshell of her own…

Jac Naylor found herself torn between two guys recently when patient Clayton - who she’d bonded with in the psychiatric unit last year - admitted having feelings for her.

Jac burst his bubble, though, when she revealed she was already in a relationship with someone who ‘didn’t play games’. Realising the lucky man was fellow medic Kian, Clayton was angry when he then saw Kian secretly taking drugs. This week, Clayton warns Kian he’s onto him and orders him to tell Jac - or he will!

Holby Kian Madani drugs

Jac's unaware that Kian (Ramin Karimloo) still has a drug problem...

Jac knows about Kian’s past addiction to painkillers and thinks it’s behind him. But as he plucks up the courage to tell her he’s still using, she stops him with a shock revelation: she LOVES him! The news prompts Kian to throw his secret drugs stash in the bin - has he really kicked the habit?

Meanwhile, Chloe’s becoming annoyed with Cameron’s ‘hero doctor’ reputation - in fact she knows full well that, while everyone else was flat out working on the frontline during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, he went and hid in his car!

Cameron tries to convince Chloe that’s not who he is - but she’s not buying his act and makes it clear she knows he’s a fraud. Later, when his attempts to impress Chloe result in a patient being left brain dead, Cameron turns his love for the blonde beauty into a thirst for revenge…

Also, when Sacha flies of the handle damaging hospital property, new love Jodie takes the rap for him. Will her actions help cement their relationship?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm at BBC1.