Holby City spoilers: Raf RETURNS to comfort Essie!

Joe McFadden plays Raf Di Lucca in Holby City

Struggling with her prognosis, Essie gets support from an unlikely source when her late husband Raf (yes, really!) shows up from beyond the grave...

There’s a real treat in store for Holby City fans this week as former show favourite Raffaello 'Raf' Di Lucca returns… as a ghost!

Struggling to come to terms with the fact she's terminally ill with cancer, Essie Di Lucca is seeking reassurance about what lies ahead. When colleague Guy Self says he still hears his late wife, Essie’s mind wanders to thinking about her late husband, Raf…

Raf (Joe McFadden) and Essie's marriage was cut short in Dec 2017 when he was shot by Henrik Hanssen's son Fredrik. Currently planning her wedding to Sacha Levy, Essie's unsure what the point of her life has been and Raf reminds her how lucky she is to have found love with a good man like Sacha.

Raf Di Lucca shot in Holby City

Raf was cruelly snatched away from Essie when he was gunned down by Hanssen's son Fredrik...

Essie, however, is angry at the world. She's annoyed that Sacha's looking for a cure for her where there isn’t one and frustrated that she’s going to be forgotten about when she dies. Raf urges her to see the good in her life and not push her loved ones away.

Can Raf's return prompt Essie to make a big decision about what time she has left?

Meanwhile, after his hasty exit recently, a drug-free Kian Madani (Ramin Karimloo) returns to Holby but gets a shock when Bea’s son Phoenix reappears. Knowing the boy is full of anger over his mum’s death, Kian provokes Phoenix to get a reaction… and feels the full force of his rage!

Also, Ric Griffin wrongfully accuses Guy of drinking and gets him suspended by Max. And, Louis takes a shine to Nicky. But is the feeling mutual?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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